"A shout out to all you metal fans out there! Thank you so much for visiting our website. We are On Atlas’ Shoulders, a heavy metal band from Germany. If you want to know more about the band members or our bio, feel free to check out our introduction below. Have fun browsing!"



Lead Vocals

Born:                       12 Nov 1991

Education/Job:     Geography, Graphic Design


Marius launched the band project together with guitarist Ben back in November 2018. He is the lead singer and primary force behind the band's vocal melodies and lyrics. As a graphic designer, he also created the band's logo, draws the artwork and produces animated music videos.

Favourite bands include Dream Theater, Breaking Benjamin and Avantasia.


Lead & Rhythm Guitar, Bass Guitar (on recordings), Backing Vocals

Born:                        12 Sep 1992

Education/Job:      Business, Finance

Ben is one of the two founding members of the band. As lead and rhythm guitarist, he is a primary songwriter and an important initiator of new riffs and song ideas, drawing from a range of influences. The British-Canadian - who has a classical piano and bass guitar background - also writes the band's sheet music, is involved in writing lyrics and recorded both his guitar and the bass tracks for the debut album.

Favourite bands include Dream Theater, Unleash the Archers and Enforcer.


Lead & Rhythm Guitar, Backing Vocals

Born:                       03 Feb 1989

Education/Job:     Pharmaceutical Sciences

Björn is the old school heavy metal influence within the band and a strong shred guitar player. His interest and talent in sound engineering quickly established him as the band's main producer, taking song concepts and polishing them to a finished product. In addition to recording his lead and rhythm guitar tracks, he mixed and mastered the entire debut album.


Favourite bands include Judas Priest, Accept, U.D.O. and Queensryche.


Drums, Backing Vocals


Born:                       21 Dec 1997

Education/Job:     Social Work

The former jazz drummer Leo combines a plethora of styles, from traditional metal drumming with blasting double bass to heavy breakdowns to intricate and groovy rhythms. He is also involved in the backing vocals - being a long-time choir singer - as well as sound engineering.

Favourite artists include Gavin Harrison, Chris Adler and Chad Smith.



It all started back in the winter of 2018 when two guys living in Frankfurt, Germany, were independently looking for likeminded musicians on an internet platform. Marius was wanting to join an existing band, while Ben was looking to start a new musical project from scratch. Ben decided to reach out to Marius… and what a fortune that was! The two met for a jam session, instantly became friends and decided to create something new - and thus On Atlas’ Shoulders was born.

But first, the band had to be completed. Former bassist Anna, a talented and progressive player, was the third member to join the band. Soon thereafter, Björn contacted the trio and applied for a second guitar position. Despite not originally intended to be a two-guitarist band, his complementary skill-set and personal fit led the group to gladly accept. The only thing missing was a drummer. Former member Niklas passed the following drum auditions and so it seemed the band was complete. However, as fate would have it, Niklas and Anna decided to leave the band due to differing ideas on the musical direction. Thus, a second round of drum auditions was initiated, of which Leo emerged victorious. The band is still looking for a new bass player. 

The name On Atlas’ Shoulders originates from the saying “standing on the shoulders of giants”. In science and philosophy, this theme implies that all progress is made by building upon previous discoveries. Individuals such as Albert Einstein or Sir Isaac Newton resemble the so-called “giants” who made essential breakthroughs and enabled further research and progression. Instead of remaining in their shadows, progress is made by standing on their shoulders and using their knowledge as a catalyst for future discoveries. On Atlas’ Shoulders transfers this concept into the musical realm. Musicians and bands are influenced by the preceeding musical giants, build upon their work and transform the music into something new.

On Atlas’ Shoulders combines traditional heavy metal foundations such as harmonised guitar riffs, double bass and nostalgic ambience with a more progressive twist.

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